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Brake Shoe Kit (0034136), Marathon 16-1/2″ x 7″ 47023Q


New brake shoe kit with hardware.
Drum size: 16-1/2″
Shoe width: 7″
Grade: 23K
Condition: New, no core charge
Brand: Marathon Heat Star
Cross References: RK4707QSTD23, HS-4707QP, NKHS4707QP, TDA KSR3014707QP, 144.470780.3022, 0034136

SKU: 31-AS-470723Q Category Tag

Additional Product Information

Marathon shoes are the premium choice for your school bus. These shoes are optimized perfectly for your school bus and provide superior braking ability. Its high-density formula, seam-welded, and heat-treated construction guarantees long-lasting life and quiet braking. Includes the hardware and a rust prevention coating as well.

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