Scotseal Wheel Seal (47697)


SKF Scotseal brand wheel seal.
OD: 6-3/8″
Width: 1-1/8″
Bore: 6-3/8″
Bore Tite: Yes
Shaft: 4-3/4″
Upgrade to the XL plus, 30-W-47691.
Cross References: 47697, 181.A47697, 621208, 00043448, A1205Q2487, 00929067

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Additional Product Information

‘-Superior protection against dirt and water
-Manufactured with high-quality tested design and materials for correct fit
-Unitized, one piece design that offers robust sealing life in a broad range of operating conditions.
-Three-lip sealing element contains a prelubed, spring-loaded primary sealing lip, a dirt exclusion lip, and an outer bumper lip.
-Bore Tite coating ensures a tight and leak proof seal by filling in any small housing bore imperfections.
-Premium quality components provide long service life
-Compatible with all popular synthetic lubricants
-Optimized rubber compound that performs reliably in extreme operating conditions
-Superior fluid and temperature compatibility
-Better pumping to push excess fluid away from the sealing lip and shaft interface
-Excellent contamination exclusion

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