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IC (100805) Retro-Reflective Illuminated “SCHOOL BUS” Sign Kit


Illuminated “SCHOOL BUS” signs from First Light Safety!

First Light Safety Part Number: 100805-100

Bluebird specific kit includes both the front and rear signs. Bluebird and Thomas are available as well!

  • Illuminated and retroreflective. No activation switch, lights turn on with the bus and stay on.
  • Visible beyond 1,000 feet, readable beyond 300 feet. Visible in all types of weather conditions.
  • Patented mounting systems and construction make for easy mounting on the exterior of your bus.
  • The hardware required for mounting is included in each kit.
  • Specific kits guarantee a proper fit for your bus.
SKU: 04-F-100805 Category

Additional Product Information

See the difference!

3 years on the mechanical parts, 5 years on the illumination.

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