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PFC Brake Pads, HD, Corrosion Resistant, 70mm


Brand: PFC
Related: Replacement for 1032HD
Material: Carbon Metallic Brake Pads
Size: 70mm
Installation Hardware Included: No
Noise-reducing Shim Included: No
Wear Sensor Type: None
Noise-Reducing Chamfers: Yes
Friction Slotted: Yes
Anti-Rattle Clip Included: No
Integrally Molded: Yes
Rust Resistant Coating: Yes

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Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits:
-Specifically Formulated: meets the demands of today’s severe duty fleets.
-Stops Quieter: Carbon Metallic® brake pads outperform all ceramic and semi-metallic pads in noise tests.
-Stops Quicker: Carbon Metallic® delivers more stopping power throughout the operating temperature range, resulting in a firmer and more responsive pedal.
-Less Dust: Carbon Metallic® contains ZERO hazardous materials.
-Last Longer: Carbon Metallic®  have a higher thermal threshold making them more resistant to wear than any other semi-metallic or ceramic pads during temperature range testing.
-100% American Made
-100% Copper Compliant

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