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New Brake Shoe Kit (00034132), Marathon 16-1/2″ x 5″ 4720Q Plus


New brake shoe kit with hardware.
Drum size: 16-1/2″
Shoe width: 5″
Grade: 20K
Condition: New, no core charge
Brand: Marathon
Cross References: XK2124720QPKRM, HS20-4720Q, NKHS204720QP, 4720Q, XK2124720QP, 148.4720Q.20, KSR3014524Q, 86130184, 86130193, 00034132

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Additional Product Information

Marathon shoes are the premium choice for your school bus. 95% of school buses have a gross axle weight rating of 20K. These shoes are optimized perfectly for your school bus and provide superior braking ability. Its high-density formula, seam-welded, and heat-treated construction guarantees long-lasting life and quiet braking. Includes the hardware and a rust prevention coating as well.

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