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New 4-Piston Caliper (60450483), 70mm, FR & RL


Hardware kits available: 31-CH-5684A.
Brand: Raybestos
Style: 4-piston caliper
Size: 70mm
All new (no core!) Super premium, zinc plated caliper.
Included: bracket and hardware.
Cross References: FRC11870N, 19150140, 18-8052, 4233010069637, 60450469, 60450483, SE8603, E-11734X, 61130704, 60450501001, 60450481, E11736SL, 604-9221, 141.79007, 6108A-HWD, 14179012

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100% brand-new parts. Extensively tested to ensure they meet the strictest physical, performance, and safety requirements to deliver a finished product that is safe, reliable, and leak-free.

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