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Fuel Tank (10063380), 100 Gal


-100-gallon fuel tank for Bluebird buses.
-Made from heavy-duty mild steel for strength and durability.
-Powder-coated glass black for long-lasting corrosion protection.
-Internal rust preventative coating.
-Pressure tested to ensure leak-free performance.
-DOT approved.
-All tanks come with a magnetic drain plug, rollover protection vent, vent tubing, fuel cap, drawtube, return, equalizer fittings, and sending unit flange.
-Made in the USA.
Height: 14″ | Width: 20-1/2″ | Length: 91″

SKU: 38-TB-15138 Category

Additional Product Information

Fuel tank supplied by Cleveland Tank & Supply, a leading manufacturer of OEM bus fuel tanks for over 30 years. Designed and manufactured to the same quality standards and specs as OE-supplied tanks.

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